Pioneer Radio is a monthly, one hour mosaic of stories, interviews, research, music, and more. Each episode centres loosely around a theme – but we stray pretty far, sometimes. The production team gives themselves three rules to follow for each episode – rules about time, sound, and topic (for example). We’re based in Guelph, Ontario (Canada!) at a campus and community radio station called CFRU 93.3FM. Visit our “People” page to get to know more about us, follow our activities on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to our podcast through iTunes (if you could review us there, too, that would be phenomenal!).

Check back often to stay in the loop on exclusive events like “Listening Parties” and “Sociological Experiment Dinners.” If you like what you hear or think you can do it better – drop us a line! We welcome creative criticism as well as criticism criticism. Feedback is important to us.

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