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Kelly Jones (Founder, Producer, Editor, Host)

Kelly has been battling a PhD dissertation, a TAship, an Academic Radio Assistant job, a rich family life, and a need for food and sleep in order to make radio for the last three+ years. And what a fight it’s been! Kidding. She is inspired by Radiolab, This American Life, Spark, Books for Breakfast, Messenger Bird, and Snap Judgment. Her favourite author is Paul Auster. Her favourite album is Paul Simon’s “Graceland.” Her favourite foods are Turkish meze. Her favourite dream is to be a radio producer (and maybe make a little money at it. Why not?). Hear more of her stuff here:

Rachel Elliott (Contributor)

IMG_4473Rachel Elliott is a doctoral student in philosophy at the University of Guelph. Her interests are gesture, music, and language. She grew up in London, Ontario before moving to Montreal, Quebec where she taught philosophy and lived the good life. She loves playing with sound and thinks radio is a good excuse to do so.






Andrew Forbes (Contributor)

Tomas McManus (Contributor)

Alan Sovran (Contributor)

Jason Reid (Contributor)



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